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Embark on a thrilling journey with our collection of 120 meticulously rigged cars, spanning from vintage classics to the latest models.

This electrifying assortment is constantly evolving, with new additions every month, aiming to achieve an incredible total of 300 vehicles.

The MEGA Fleet Logo

Experience a beautiful and user-friendly interface

Crafted with simplicity in mind, even newcomers will breeze through navigation effortlessly. Simply open the
“N” panel, dive into TheMEGAFleet tab, and unleash your creativity!

The MEGA Fleet Interface
The MEGA Fleet Clean Topology

The beauty of clean, well-structured meshes

Experience unparalleled realism with meticulously crafted topology, ensuring your models faithfully replicate real-world surfaces. Tailored specifically for Blender, these lightweight models are effortless to manipulate, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless workflow.

Rigged vehicles

Our entire fleet of four-wheeled vehicles comes rigged, to achieve this, we’ve used the free RIGACAR add-on, created by David Gayerie, simplifying the animation workflow and enabling you to animate scenes effortlessly. You can immediately incorporate it into your work or effortlessly switch to the Launch Control add-on with minimal effort.

The MEGA Fleet Directional Control
The MEGA Fleet Drift Control
The MEGA Fleet Genuine Dynamics
The MEGA Fleet Ground Detection
The MEGA Fleet Rotating Wheels
The MEGA Fleet Custom Car Paint

Create custom car paint

THE MEGA FLEET add-on empowers you to create custom car paint colors effortlessly, with three presets (metallic, matte, glossy), opening up boundless avenues for personalization.

The MEGA Fleet Render Image
The MEGA Fleet Render Image
The MEGA Fleet Render Image
The MEGA Fleet Render Image
The MEGA Fleet Render Image
The MEGA Fleet Render Image
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