How do I utilize the "Launch Control" add-on to animate a car from The MEGA Fleet?

Are you looking for enhanced control when animating your MEGAFleet vehicle? Look no further than the “Launch Control” addon created by Daniel Vesterbaek. With its array of presets, you can swiftly animate your vehicle with ease.

The “Launch Control” addon is for sale at Blender Market here

NOTE: It’s important to clarify that we’re not being compensated by Daniel Vesterbaek; we sincerely believe that this is currently one of the best Blender car animation addons available.

Using a vehicle from TheMEGAFleet with “Launch Control” is incredibly straightforward. Just follow these few  steps:

1. Choose the desired vehicle and add it by clicking on “Add Vehicle.”
2. Click on “Interaction Mode.”

Click the image to enlarge

3. Select the car rig (identified by a yellow line).

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4. Press X on your keyboard and then click on “Delete.”

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5. Access “Launch Control” and pick your vehicle.

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6. Click on “Rig Vehicle!”

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That’s all there is to it!

Now your vehicle is primed for animation using “Launch Control.”

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For in-depth tutorials on utilizing the Launch Control add-on, we suggest visiting the official YouTube channel through this link.

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