How can I animate a car from The MEGA Fleet?

We utilized the Rigacar addon, developed by David Gayerie. You can download the addon at no cost from this link.

Rather than reiterating another tutorial on animating cars in Blender, we’ve opted to share some of the top Blender Animation tutorials currently accessible.

The first tutorial series, created by Jean-Yan Babois, consists of four parts and is entirely free:

Blender Car Animation, using the Rigacar addon | Complete Beginner Tutorial

This series offers comprehensive guidance and is an excellent starting point, covering numerous details.

For those aiming for a more professional approach, we recommend exploring “The Ride,” a Blender car animation course tailored for beginners, also crafted by Jean-Yan Babois.
You can view the course presentation here and purchase it from this link. It’s worth noting that we’re not receiving compensation from Jean-Yan; we genuinely believe this is one of the finest Blender Car animation tutorials currently available.

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