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Our four-wheeled vehicles come pre-rigged with the RIGACAR add-on, crafted by David Gayerie, streamlining animation and scene creation. This integration ensures seamless workflow compatibility, aligning with the naming convention of our vehicles for effortless transition to the Launch Control add-on with minimal effort. You can check out the free RIGACAR addon here.

Certainly! We will release monthly updates for The MEGA Fleet Pro and The MEGA Fleet Studio versions, each adding at least 20 new vehicles, until we reach a total of 300 models. Please note that the smaller packages will not receive these updates.

Regrettably, in Blender 3.6 and certain earlier iterations, there are rigging issues. While importing vehicles via The MEGA Fleet add-on does function in prior Blender versions, you’ll have to strip away the rigging component and re-rig the vehicle manually. This is because the MEGA Fleet add-on was crafted in Blender 4.0, utilizing a customized rigging script.

Please be aware that we cannot offer support for utilizing the MEGA Fleet add-on in Blender versions earlier than 4.0.

Absolutely! While the MEGA Fleet add-on is primarily designed for Cycles, it is also compatible with Eevee. However, to optimize its performance with Eevee, some render settings may need adjustment. Please consult the documentation for further instructions.

Yes, we have, although many of them aren’t extensively detailed. They typically include a basic dashboard and seats. However, the quality is sufficient for fully transparent windows.

It’s worth noting that certain models, such as the convertibles, feature more detailed interiors.

Yes, absolutely! However, please be aware of restrictions regarding older Blender versions below 4.0 and the usage of Eevee – you can find more information about this in the FAQ section below.

Absolutely! Additionally, we plan to host artist contests where participants can utilize The MEGA Fleet add-on, offering the opportunity to win exceptionally detailed models with super high-quality interiors.
Are the vehicle models large in file size?

On average, they range between 50MB and 100MB, which is reasonable considering the quality of the models. However, it’s important to note that we’ve also included some heavier models, depending on their level of detail.
Why aren’t updates available in the smaller packages?

The smaller packages are constructed and priced based on a specific number of vehicles and categories. Including updates in these inexpensive packages would contradict their purpose, as it wouldn’t be fair to those who purchased a Pro or Studio package.

Please reach out to us via the Blender Market messaging system or by using this link. Rest assured, we’ll respond promptly to help you find a solution.

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